Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

In the interest of full disclosure...

I actually feel like I owe a lot to Dr. Stephen Wolfram. The ten seconds or so I had to speak with him after his presentation at University of Washington in October 1996 inspired the core idea behind the two papers I had published after that, as well as my entire doctoral dissertation.

And, I realize that Dr. Wolfram faces a lot of criticism for self-aggrandizement. Frankly, he probably did hype his book A New Kind of Science beyond what its methods had merited to that point.

But the bottom line is that his Mathematica software is still the best thing out there for serious work in math or physics research, and Wolfram|Alpha carves out one niche which no competitor had even seriously attempted, so even if the cellular automata theories in A New Kind of Science don't ultimately bear fruit, that's still a good life's work.
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