Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

My plan for second-year law school classes

The classes in one's first year of law school (the "1L" year) are standardized. In the second and third years, at least at University of Washington, the only requirements are that you take one class in Professional Responsibility, you satisfy the advanced writing requirement, you satisfy the public service requirement (60 hours of participation in an externship or clinic), and you reach the required total number of credits by the time you graduate.

Here's my current plan for my second year:

Autumn 2009

  1. A509 Administrative Law
  2. B503 Evidence
  3. P501 Intellectual Property Law Core

Winter 2010

  1. E552 Strategic Technology Licensing
  2. E548 Litigation Strategies for Protection of Technology
  3. A548 Civil Rights
  4. B525 Alternative Dispute Resolution
  5. E589 Intellectual Property Innovations in Science and Technology

Spring 2010

  1. E547 Legal Protection of Computer Software
  2. B523 Negotiations
  3. A580 Family Law
  4. E550 Patent Prosecution
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