Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle


I just finished reading What is Your Dangerous Idea?, and in particular Oliver Morton's essay "Our Planet is Not in Peril."

Mr. Morton makes the point that "not a single basic biogeochemical innovation - the sorts of things that underlie photosynthesis and the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, the sulfur cycle, and so on - has been lost in earth's 4-billion-year lifetime," and goes on to argue that humanity is still a minor player when it comes to biodiversity losses.

FWIW, though, I've always believed environmentalism should be not only about plant and animal life, but also about conserving all of the non-renewable resources required for space exploration and colonization: as long as our species exists nothing more intelligent than us will naturally evolve, so the duties of protecting life on Earth from asteroid strikes as well as the eventual death of its star fall to us alone.

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