Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle


So, for quite a while, the hip thing was to blame autism on vaccines. Now, apparently, the hip thing is to blame autism on Wi-Fi.

But here's the problem: under both of those theories you deny your children something worthwhile.

Under the former theory you deny your children protection against measles, mumps, and rubella. Obviously that's a pretty heavy sacrifice, given that vaccines don't actually cause autism.

Under the latter theory you deny your children the ability to update their myspace pages from any point in your house, via their laptop computers. Obviously that's not as bad as denying them vaccines, but still: it's a sacrifice.

So, here's my suggestion: blame autism on astrology.

No matter how far science progresses, and no matter how extensively astrology is discredited, people insist on believing in it. So, by blaming autism on astrology you aren't actually perpetuating belief in astrology.

But by the same token, in blaming autism on astrology rather than vaccines or Wi-Fi, not only do you not sacrifice your childrens' immunity against harmful diseases, you don't even sacrifice their ability to access the internet anywhere in your house.

Let's all blame random things for conditions they didn't actually cause with a little more care, m'kay?

This kind of "advocacy," seemingly amounting to nothing more than uncritically passing on the latest internet rumors, is in my opinion openly disrespectful both to people living with autism as well the medical researchers who have devoted their lives to understanding and curing it.

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