Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

My workout program

More or less for my own reference, here's what I've been doing, using the Technogym / Selection machines at my gym:

  • Upper Body

    1. Pulldown, 110lbs. Seat position 6.
    2. Arm Curl, 25lbs. Seat position 6.
    3. Arm Extension, 75lbs. Seat position 6.
    4. Chest Press, 65lbs. Seat position 6.

  • Lower Body

    1. Leg Curl, 85lbs. Seat position 4, Ankle position 4, ROM setting 3.
    2. Leg Extension, 90lbs. Seat position 5, Ankle position 2, ROM setting 3.
    3. Leg Press, 220lbs. Seat position 5.

  • Trunk

    1. Crunches

I'm doing two sets of each (will probably bump that up to three shortly) with idea of selecting the weight load such that I can do about ten reps in each set. The two best tips I've gotten so far are:

  1. Go slow, in both directions of the weight's motion.
  2. Look at the muscle diagram on the machine before beginning: if you feel the effects of the exercise exactly in the muscle highlighted in the diagram, then your form is probably on the right track.

For cardio (even though I'm prioritizing strength training over this) I'm using one of the Star Trac Recumbent Bikes with seat position 4, resistance setting 11.
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