Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

House Bill 1606

With the election of Barack Obama, change is coming to Washington DC.

But change is also coming to Washington State, and I believe that spirit of change is best embodied in House Bill 1606, which will forbid taking a dump on city buses by amending the venerable RCW 9.91.025(1)(d).

As it stands RCW 9.91.025(1)(d) only forbids "spitting" and "expectorating" on city buses, which frankly seems of a piece with the rampant deregulation mentality of the Bush administration as a whole.

But in the year 2009, with vigorous economic competition from India and China, our country can no longer afford to merely forbid spitting and expectorating, leave pooping to the "invisible hand" of an out-of-control Wall Street.

This, we can do. This, we will do. This, we must do.
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