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Robert Reed

I'm a big fan of the science fiction author Robert Reed. Although Mr. Reed has written about a dozen novels, the bulk of his output (and the output he's most critically acclaimed for) is his short stories.

What I love about the best of his short fiction is that it manages to be emotionally profound just by conveying the scope of the universe as it is: there aren't pointless interpersonal conflicts over honor or sex, pointless space battles, graphic violence, or godlike alien intelligences - just difficult, fundamental, and thought-provoking choices against the backdrop of a universe that's mostly cold and empty.

If you're moved by the image of a vast and empty desert with one campfire near the horizon, or a vast ocean where two sailing ships happen to pass each other, then you'll like this guy.

I'm mentioning this because one of his short stories was just made available in audio form, so you can listen to it read to you online: click here.

I'd say this story is about average for him. If you enjoy it, and want to experience some of his best work, then pick up his chapbook Mere. Said better than I could:

"Reed invests this miniature epic of solitude with such empathy, such remorseless elegiac fury, that reading Mere is like purgation by fire. It is far-future anthropological SF of the highest order."
— Nick Gevers, Locus, October 2004
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