Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Law humor

O'Keefe v. Snyder (416 A.2d 862) was very, very funny to me, in that instead of going from the sublime to the ridiculous, it went from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Here's the ridiculous (page 485):

"Before the date when O'Keefe discovered the disappearance of Seaweed, she had already sold it (apparently for a string of amber beads) to a Mrs. Weiner, now deceased."

and it continues to the sublime (page 501):

“An immortal right to bring an eternally prohibited action is a metaphysical subtlety that the present writer cannot pretend to understand."

An "immortal right" to bring an action that's "eternally prohibited" sounds awfully romantic :)

Oh my beloved Mrs. Weiner, were that our immortal passion not eternally prohibited!

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