Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Last night's dream...

I dreamed that Fidelity Investments changed the format a bit for the financial news show they broadcast to their retail locations. In this new format, the analysts/pundits were placed up on a high pedestal, like an old-fashioned English court, and they wore judge's robes in the company's signature green color. That's all fine: I mean, why not?

However, things took a dark turn with the following innovation: any analysts/pundits who guessed anything incorrectly during the week were rounded up at the end of the week and placed in a large open arena, similar to those used for bullfights in Mexico. Then a series of airstrikes were called in, and the pundits ran around in terror trying to dodge the shells. Afterward Fidelity would publish sports-like stats for that week's airstrikes against their on-air talent, listing the various pundits as "wounded", "deceased", "intact", etc.
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