Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Bleah, I'm not needed here...

So, one of the extra-curricular activities I signed up for was the legal observer program of the National Lawyers Guild, where you attend protests that have the potential for conflict and write (hopefully) unbiased eyewitness reports if needed. I figured this might be interesting, and it at least gets me outside for some fresh air.

But, it's clear none of that is going to be needed here: there is only a small number of protesters, they seem pretty tame (it's in large part an older crowd), there are no counter-demonstrators, and they're passing through a friendly neighborhood.

I offered the suggestion that they send legal observers to the Critical Mass rides: granted I am not a fan of Critical Mass, and I feel it's bad for cycling, but the fact remains that they're having conflicts with police pretty regularly.
Bleah, I'm not needed here...


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