Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

The Slow Food movement...

These folks make everything so darned complicated.

Here are two ways to achieve the Slow Food goals without merely shunting the increased workload to whomever in your family was already doing the cooking:
  1. Order the ingredients online. They take forever to get to you, so the core Slow Food goal of wasting time is still realized, but between clicking on "OK" and actually receiving your purchases the enforced gap in prep work provides sufficient time to make it to Pita Pit.
  2. Rather than cooking in real life, instead cook in the video game "The Sims." Everything in this video game takes forever, including cooking, so you get the core Slow Food experience without inevitably ending up with a bag of real-life organic heirloom tomatoes rotting in the crisper.

Slow Food
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