Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

"My country, right or wrong..."

In the spirit of planning ahead, I suppose I should devote some thought to what my country would be like, should the opportunity arise for me to found and lead a new one. Just off the top of my head:

Our national anthem: in the interest of saving time and reducing sheet music costs, I'd probably just take another country's national anthem and edit the lyrics so my new country's name replaces theirs. I suppose for this purpose it would make sense to pick a country which doesn't have a military. Other than that I don't really have strong feelings about this.

Our national motto: "Comfortable clothes and profit without risk."

Our national fish: the spicy tuna. I have ordered many of these in sushi restaurants and like them a lot.

Our national form of government: it would be what I like to call a "crapocracy." I don't believe that requires, or indeed merits, any further explanation.

Our national bird: for this purpose I would select a bird which is commonly eaten in our weakest neighboring country. That way I could accuse them of desecrating one of the sacred symbols of my country and wipe them off the f***ing map.
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