Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Something that stood out in the Northwest Detention Center report...

According to the report there are only four attorney-client meeting rooms for a thousand detainees. Once you arrive to see a client you commonly end up waiting 1-2 hours for a room, and you can't schedule the rooms in advance. Or, you might arrive only to find that your client has been transferred without you being informed. Meanwhile (as a separate government report confirmed) consultations by phone are problematic due to the fact that there aren't enough phones in the facility, many are broken, they can't dial 1-800 numbers, and charges for calls are unnaturally high (i.e. $20 for fifteen minutes). Furthermore, I'm given to understand that these four attorney-client meeting rooms are sometimes used for other things, such as consular visits.

As a result of all the resulting wasted time and scheduling aggravation, apparently many attorneys don't want to take NWDC detainee cases even when the client can pay.
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