Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

San Francisco recap...

Here's what I enjoyed most about San Francisco:

I enjoyed the Redwood National Park hike, but this experience still couldn't dislodge Mount Rainier National Park's Wonderland Trail from my personal number one spot (the changing views of the mountain as you walk around it add something unique).

For the sake of reference, the least expensive way to stay in San Francisco (and the option I chose) is the San Francisco City Center Hostel: there are two other H.I. locations but every time I've wanted to visit San Francisco they've been fully booked. The best parking option nearby is the movie theater indoor parking garage at 1000 Van Ness Ave, where you can leave your car for three days at a time.

In retrospect (at least if it weren't for the RNP hike) I could have done this just as easily without a car: plane to the SFO airport, BART to SF downtown, and CalTrain to the Computer History Museum and Stanford. However, if I'd taken this approach I wouldn't have had a chance to listen to the ABBA "Gold" album several dozen times, which would have obviously been a trade-off.

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