Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Two epic journeys currently in progress

  1. Rob Thomson (blog available here) is currently in China's Gansu province. This is the person I met on March 2, heading west on the U.S. Southern Tier Route while I was heading east. It seems his effort to travel around the world by skateboard is going quite well, except for the fact that apparently visa problems meant he had to cross Turkmenistan by train instead of skateboard.
  2. Roz Savage (blog available here) is four weeks into her effort to row a boat solo across the Pacific Ocean, starting from San Francisco. You read that correctly: her boat has neither a motor nor any form of sail - only oars. Her boat's hull is made of carbon fiber for light weight, and is designed to be impossible to sink or capsize as long as it stays intact.

Rob and Roz are both posting comments and photographs to their blogs on an almost daily basis as they travel (Roz using a PDA linked to a satellite phone).
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