Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Additional follow-up from my trip...

The LA Upright Citizens Brigade (same idea as the NYC Upright Citizens Brigade) has released a DVD of one of their long form improv performances. It's available through Netflix, and at least in Seattle is also available for rental from Scarecrow. Granted, for maximum enjoyment this kind of theatre is best enjoyed live. Nevertheless, this DVD is valuable for its commentary track, which touches on some of the basic concepts of improvisational theatre (e.g. "Yes, and...").

Here is a YouTube video of the opening credits and theme song from the TV show "Enterprise," which as I mentioned at the time was what I had stuck in my head as I rolled into DC. I still find its montage of human exploration to be inspiring :)

A terrific PBS documentary about the Supreme Court is available through Netflix: it spans four DVD's, but I felt the first DVD (covering the John Marshall era) was the best.

If you can't visit the National Archives in person, the book Our Documents is probably the next-best option.

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