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Russell Brunelle

Trip follow-up

I spent some time today going over the journal entries for the second part of my trip, looking for anything which deserved a little more online follow-up.

  • The web site for Tony Cragg has some worthwhile pictures of his sculptures (this is the guy whose "Split Second" work I liked so much at the Boston MFA).
  • You can compare these pictures of Harvard's Annenberg Hall with Oxford's Christ Church Hall: the former was inspired by the latter, which also inspired the set for "Hogwarts" in the Harry Potter movies.
  • The Harvard Law Review site offers all the articles from the current issue for free in PDF format (in case you're curious what this kind of writing is like), and a recent New York magazine article describes what life was like there when Barack Obama was president of the Review.
  • Steven Pinker has published a popular-press article on the subject of his next book (i.e. violence, and the reasons for its overall decline).
  • A copy of Walden is available for free online.
  • Here are links to the hostels in the mid-Atlantic cities I visited: New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Boston. Using these hostels in combination with the subway systems in each of those cities is the key to seeing the key sites of our nation's history and culture inexpensively.
  • Mike Daisey (whose monologue "How Theater Failed America" I saw in New York) has given an interview about the state of theatre today.
  • The National Cathedral web site has several recordings of the two visits I made: a slide show of the light projections Gerry Hofstetter created for it on Saturday, a video of the Sunday service I attended, and the pamphlet for that same service.
  • The Wikipedia page for the Hasidic community I visited contains a lot of useful background information, and even offers a page on the Mitzvah tank.
  • The game "Xiangqi" which everyone was playing in Chinatown's Columbus Park is better-known as "Chinese Chess": here's some basic information about the game and here's a Java version of it you can play against your computer.
  • Here are some inexpensive ways to sample the arts events at New York City's Lincoln Center: the Metropolitan Opera HD Movie Theater Broadcasts (an amazing idea that I hope catches on), the New York Philharmonic broadcasts via KUAT, and the Live from Lincoln Center television broadcasts.
  • The Supreme Court decision I got to see announced on May 12 is now available online.
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