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Russell Brunelle

Heading home

I'm pretty early, so this isn't even my plane. But later on tonight I'll be back in Seattle.

As regards the first part of this trip (i.e. the 100 day bike ride from San Diego to Washington DC), I hope what came across isn't that I'm an extraordinary person for having done this, but rather that since I'm an ordinary person you could do it as well.

As regards the second part of this trip (i.e. seeing our country's key historical, political, educational, and cultural sights in Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston), I hope what I demonstrated is that by using hostels rather than hotels, and by using trains for all transportation, this can be done even on a student budget. I hope I also conveyed that, when done on your own terms, this kind of sightseeing can be as fun as it is enriching.

Obviously I've found this four-month opportunity for reflection to be of tremendous personal value, per some of the insights I've shared here. But, I also hope my example inspires at least one other person to do something similar.

So, feel free to let me know if it does - that's the kind of thing which would really make my day :)
Heading home

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