Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

I'm off to Walden Pond...

I'm taking the inexpensive local commuter rail to Concord to visit Walden Pond. As you can see I've brought some reading material that I felt would be appropriate.

Given that Thoreau's core lesson was "simplify," I admit it's kinda weird that Walden Pond has a Thoreau gift shop: I mean, if you read Walden and then want nothing more than a souvenir Thoreau bottlecap opener, to accompany the bottlecap openers you already have, then it's probably fair to say you missed the point :)

If I were managing that gift shop, then just to make the point the gift shop would carry only one item: paperback copies of Walden. There wouldn't even be alternate editions. In fact, at that point I suppose the gift shop wouldn't even need a normal cash register: the cash register could just have one big button that says "Book."

Or, better yet, get the books in bulk and dispense them on the honor system for a suggested donation.

Then the "cash register" wouldn't even need that one button. In fact, you could skip it entirely.
I'm off to Walden Pond...

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