Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Harkness Commons (i.e. Harvard Law commons)

Basically everything law-related is closed today except for the "commons" (i.e. where the law school bookstore, dining hall, and student mailboxes are). So, here's that.

I admit what I was hoping for here today was to first purchase a printed copy of the current issue of the Harvard Law Review (apparently impossible today since the Harvard University Press store in Holyoke Center doesn't carry them and the law bookstore is closed) and then by chance see if I could manage to find the current president of the Harvard Law Review in Gannett Hall and ask him or her to autograph my copy.

After all, you never know when another president of Harvard Law Review might end up becoming President of the United States :)
Harkness Commons (i.e. Harvard Law commons)

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