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One of the lounge areas at the hostel

They have free wi-fi throughout the building, laundry facilities, 24 hour keycard access, a kitchen, and individual shower stalls, all for $28/night (plus if you've joined Hostelling International you can use your two free night coupons here). Location is the upper west side, one block away from a subway terminal.

In other words, you can stay Monday through Friday night in Manhattan for about $140, then add $25 for a 7-day unlimited ride MetroCard to completely take care of transportation.

Having taken care of housing and transportation this way, as long as you behave intelligently as regards dining and entertainment the total cost for your trip will be very low: perhaps low enough to be worthwhile even if all you did was visit the Statue of Liberty ($11.50), the Metropolitan Museum (which believe it or not is pay-what-you-can), and see a rehearsal of the New York Philharmonic ($16).

As far as I can tell, the reputation New York City gets for being prohibitively expensive comes from stories about how expensive the most expensive hotels or restaurants or broadway shows are, or about how much it costs to rent an apartment, none of which would necessarily be relevant to you as a visitor.
One of the lounge areas at the hostel

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