Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

The Whitney

I also visited the Whitney Museum of American Art today, since their biennial was in progress: an exhibition of the contemporary artists they consider as currently defining contemporary art.

No pictures were allowed in the Whitney, but it doesn't matter: it was all crap :)

Seriously, every single artist selected for the Whitney biennial was either aiming their art only at other artists rather than the general public, or was following the postmodern career path of hoping it's good enough just to create something DIFFERENT, and then hope that by inventing a supposed unique perspective out of whole cloth you're shielded from any criticism as to unattractiveness, simplicity, or intellectual vacancy.

And, the Guggenheim is under renovation, so most of their permanent collection is no longer being displayed.

In short, as it stands visitors to NYC who don't have a personal interest in the commercial contemporary art world should see only the Metropolitan and consider themselves lucky for skipping the rest :)
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