Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Thought about Sunday's church service...

The song the choir sang during the "entrance rite" contained the lines "When to our ears there come divine commands / and all of the pride of sinful will departs / we build with thee, O grant enduring worth..."

I realize it isn't an exact match, but this did remind me of something I'd been thinking about off and on over the preceding few days: that the distinction between the past and the future (i.e. that the past is immutable but the future is under your control) is more fundamental than the distinction between good memories and bad memories from the past. In other words, that the former high school football star who endlessly relives the winning touchdown is living essentially the same life as the person who can't get over an old mistake or embarrassment. And, that the antidote in either case is productive work which looks to the future, i.e. what you find in the non-profit sector.
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