Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle


  1. I'm spending the day in Statesboro GA today.
  2. I didn't mention this at the time, but two days ago I broke my personal long-distance record by riding 123.5 miles from Folkson to Riedsville. Actually, I'm pretty sure the real total was closer to 130 miles, since the mileage printed on one map appeared to be short by 3 miles, and I had to ride a bit to get to the motel once arriving in town.
  3. It occurred to me after arriving in St. Augustine FL that Subway would be an ideal corporate sponsor for the Adventure Cycling Association (i.e. the non-profit organization that publishes the cross-country cycling maps). Basically my thought was that Subway could have that Jared guy (or maybe some other regular person) bicycle either across the country or up the Atlantic coast eating only at Subway, as part of a new ad campaign. Since they're the only fast-food chain basing their marketing on health and physical fitness, this seemed like a natural match. So, as "proof of concept," I rode essentially all the way across Georgia eating only at Subway: I'm hoping that based on this the ACA folks will be comfortable approaching Subway about this possibility.
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