Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

At the end of the day...

It's always flattering when the motel manager assumes I'll want a non-smoking room, based on the assumption that someone in good enough shape to be cycling from city to city must have a healthy lifestyle just in general.

It's slightly less flattering when the motel manager then takes an aerosol air freshener and sprays the heck out of their office once you leave :)

I suppose it's unavoidable: no matter how clean I may start the day, by the time I get to the motel in the destination town I've ridden 70+ miles, hard, in humid conditions with a long-sleeve top. A shower and change of clothes are the first thing I do after checking in, but obviously that doesn't spare the person handling the check-in.

What I'm thinking about doing is getting an attractive but thin silver chain, hanging one of those green Christmas-tree air fresheners on it, and wearing the thing around my neck as jewelry. That would at least acknowledge, in a humorous way, that I'm aware of the issue :)

I mean, for a while the fashion was for hip young adults to wear pacifiers around their necks: my air freshener would add function to fashion.
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