Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

"Why yes, I would like The Spice on that..."

In Frank Herbert's novel Dune, the militaries of the various factions each had their own versions of something called "battle language": a special language designed for rapidly and unambiguously communicating military commands and intelligence while in the thick of battle.

Perhaps, many years from now, we will have a "sandwich language": a language designed for quickly and clearly conveying to the employees at Subway what kind of sandwich you want and what you want on it. I envision a syntax where the root word conveys what combination of bread, cheese, and meat you want, the final syllable indicates quantity, and the stress can fall on the root word if you want it to be a footlong.

For did not Jared'Dib himself say, "A sandwich cannot be understood simply by looking at a picture of it; understanding must move with the flow of the sandwich, must move with it and flow with it. But Arrakis also teaches the attitude of the knife - of cutting a footlong sub in half and saying here are your two six inch subs, sir."
"Why yes, I would like The Spice on that..."

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