Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Nasty dream...

I only need to ride 50 miles today, plus rain was predicted for the early morning, so I slept in a bit.

In my first dream, I successfully directed one film and provided creative input (specifically all the comedic lines) for two others. In the dream, this was all VERY enjoyable.

Then I woke up briefly, went back to sleep again, and in my next dream found myself in the position of needing to prove I'd been involved in those films. I remembered having been involved in them, but since that was in a dream rather than real life, I found myself fast-forwarding through the credits and looking through old e-mails in the new dream, increasingly frantically looking for some proof of what I'd accomplished.

By the end of the second dream I'd been reduced to moving back in with my parents, eating jars of Chex-mix while obsessively scrolling through credits on an old VCR looking for a name that wasn't there - my film career in shambles and my new creative life derailed.
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