Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle


Dear General Lee:

The situation of your fourth corps has become dire: my feet are sore and I am slightly thirsty, with the next town an entire half-hour away. It is true that I have ample water with me, but that water is now warm, and I prefer it chilled.

Without immediate resupply so that my men may continue to enjoy the ease of which they have grown accustomed, I am concerned that my men may prove unwilling to put themselves in harm's way, especially once I tell them they don't have to.

This war has taken something from all of us. When we finally depose that usurper Lincoln, he can be charged with bringing me ice water and fresh sets of insoles. Until then, I trust you and President Davis to come up with a plan.

Yours, in this second war of independence,

RussellB, Lieutenant General, Fourth Corps, Army of Northern Virginia

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