Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

And finally the confusion is lifted...

Here's my new strategy for understanding a local economy: pick up one of those free real estate guides at any restaurant and look for patterns as to what the listing agents believe would be attractive to potential buyers.

And here's my take-away from that: although I'm sure some former goat ranchers are now raising bees, at its core this region is about recreational hunting and essentially nothing else.

This explains not only the hordes of spotless trucks, but it also explains why the small town decline gets worse the farther you get from the largest cities.

Apparently one hot attraction in the local real estate market is for the property to have a landing strip for small aircraft (i.e. VIP hunting customers from Dallas), if that says anything.

Property that isn't being sold to people who want to open it up to commercial hunting, is apparently being sold to wealthy folks who are themselves hunters.

On the subject of hunting, I guess the one thought I keep coming back to is that these properties are presumably fenced off from each other. So, if you shoot at a deer and miss, it's not as if the deer can actually escape.

Maybe it's just me, but that fact seems to move the activity from "sport" to "pastime" :)

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