Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle


Yesterday it was heavy thunderstorms, today it's fog that significantly reduces visibility. However, the fog is supposed to be gone shortly, so by no means is this going to cause me to lose another day.

BTW, normal strength and motion have almost completely returned to my right hand: I can even do that fictional "Vulcan greeting," which was a type of finger motion that would have been impossible a few weeks ago. The secret seems to have been getting one of those squeeze balls that mountain climbers use to exercise their fingers: after a few evenings squeezing that thing while watching CSPAN, the problem rapidly went away.

One last thing before I start preparing to depart here: so far the people in Texas have been as nice as any I've encountered on the trip. If yesterday was indeed any indication of widespread support for some seriously extreme positions (i.e. rather than everyone being used to the town blowhard's opinions and not paying them any mind) then admirably everyday courtesy is unaffected, even though if one stereotypes by appearances I don't look like someone who would agree with anything that extreme.
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