Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

The Issues: The United Nations

Rolling through rural America exposes you to two types of political signs: pro- Ron Paul and anti- United Nations.

It's the latter I genuinely can't make sense out of.

Look... Our UN dues are approximately 500 million per year, but for us to go to war costs 2 trillion (that's splitting the difference of the original 1 trillion estimate for the 2003 Iraq war and the more recent 3 trillion estimate). So, it seems to me that if UN diplomacy allows us to avoid going to war only ONCE EVERY FOUR THOUSAND YEARS, then even in purely economic terms our UN membership is a good deal.

Plus, it's not as if our UN membership actually binds us to doing anything we don't want to do: the 2003 Iraq war demonstrated that pretty plainly.
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