Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

My New Cross-Country Companion

The Boy Scout troop which was handing out the little flags at the Fort Bliss parade today didn't offer any place to return the flags. So, since I'm headed towards Washington DC anyway, I figured I'd just take it with me.

However, I'm now starting to see this as a safety issue as well.

I mean, travel experts typically recommend that you carry pepper mace for dealing with aggressive dogs, and of course a large crucifix to ward off aggressive groups of vampires. Fine. But here I am riding through Southern red states with a pony tail and a vehicle that's not exactly traditional for the region. So, what do I do if I get surrounded by rough-looking locals, who might have made a series of assumptions about my personal life and level of patriotism based on my appearance? Well, in that case I just whip out this little flag, and the crowd scatters like vampires before the crucifix.
My New Cross-Country Companion


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