Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle


The store was still making sandwiches (chicken chipotle yum), and the manager of the local RV park is letting me sleep in the (heated) laundry building for $10. It turns out that the laundry building also has a bathroom and shower, so once I roll out my sleeping pad and sleeping bag I'll have the equivalent of a hotel in a town where there isn't a hotel.

I also had a very nice chat with the couple in here doing their last load of laundry: it was basically a crash course on the mining industry and small town life in general.

My main take-away from the conversation is that folks too often idealize small town life as some last bastion of wholesomeness, when in reality crystal meth is everywhere, DUI is a never-ending problem, and the police are more easily corruptible than in most big cities (which then compounds the crystal meth problem).

This was exactly the kind of unexpected situation, and enlightening conversation, that I was hoping this trip would be about.


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