Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

I guess it's like this...

I've yet to hear any pre-science explanations for natural events, the cosmos, or human existence, which to me could even approach the solemnity and grandeur of their scientific explanations.

My reaction to astrology is similar. Even setting aside the fact that it doesn't work (i.e. real-world measurables like athletic ability or income don't track with birth date, and even when significant cash prizes were offered professional astrologers have proven unable to correctly guess details about an unknown interviewee's "chart" any better than chance), in my opinion it's an odd thing to even WANT to work. On one hand, you'd think people would prefer the thought that it's their own free will which controls their destiny, not some invisible hand, whether that hand be the motions of the planets or the Skull and Bones Society. On the other hand, how does it not diminish one's feeling of the scope and vastness of the cosmos, to start thinking that one ball of rock thinks you'll get a raise, and another one thinks you should have an affair?

I just don't get the appeal.
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