Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

A bit frustrated...

So, my headlight ran out of battery charge this morning. I'd tested it before leaving the motel, and the problem became apparent right after I locked the motel room door with the keys inside (that was intentional as I didn't want to wake up the owner just to return the key). Since it was well over an hour before daylight, with no street lights once you get out of town, this meant I had to walk the bike until daylight. Daybreak corresponded with the road's shoulder disappearing, which in combination with other factors led me to no longer consider the road safe for riding, so I had to continue cautiously walking the bike along the side of the road. But then, just when the road got to a point where it seemed safe to start riding again, I got a flat tire. I'm seriously concerned about how well replacing that tube is going to go given the numbness in my right hand from riding.
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