Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

The Kumeyaay

In lieu of gambling, I found some handouts in the casino information center and did some reading.

The casino is owned by the Viejas "band" of the Kumeyaay Nation, which was the tribe whose members were apparently the first Native Americans in the current San Diego area to meet Europeans. To judge by the map, a little later in my trip I'll be riding through a corner of their reservation.

What got me thinking was how their method of conveying tribal values was originally done through songs which used the life cycle of birds as a metaphor. Notably, the adult bird pushing its fledglings out of the nest was a metaphor for the importance of the tribe's children coming into their own as adults: in other words, they used the same metaphor we use.

But here's my question: has any culture used birds pushing fledglings out of the nest as a metaphor for anything OTHER than this? In other words, instead of watching the fledgling getting pushed out of its nest and saying to your kid, "As you become an adult it will be our job to likewise encourage your independence," you instead point and say, "See what happens when little birds don't keep their nests clean?"

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