May 29th, 2012

My childhood local public library

I'll be spending a week or so in the Portland area. First stop was this library, for a little nostalgia and to pick up a current copy of the Portland Mercury.

Heinz Holliger

When I was learning to play the oboe, long ago, I studied one of this guy's Bach recordings almost to the point of wearing out the vinyl.

Apparently the works on the album pictured here were recorded in 2010, so it looks like he's still staying active as an oboist as well as a composer.

The first issue of The Oregonian

This newspaper's first issue was published in 1850, Mr. Pittock went to work for it in 1853, and by 1861 he owned it (though apparently the previous owner simply gave it to him in lieu of making good on unpaid wages).

"No food at the farm"

I'm having trouble reconciling "no food at the farm" with the popular slogan "No Farms No Food"; after all, if food can only come from farms, but there is no food at the farm, then why is there any food at all?