May 19th, 2012

Picture from today's hike

This was taken near the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River. No GPS map this time: in fairness I should probably characterize today as more of a wander than a hike.

I think I'm done with the I-90 corridor for now: my remaining hikes will probably be north of Seattle.

My next hikes

First I'll complete most of the hikes from the 60 Hikes book which fall along US-2 (i.e. #42 and #44-48), then I'll complete at least one of the hikes which falls along WA-92 and its adjoining Mountain Loop Highway (i.e. #49-51); conveniently, most of the former fall within Green Trails Map 142, while all of the latter fall within Green Trails Map 109.

Hike #43 (which follows this easy Meadowdale County Park trail to a Puget Sound beach) will probably be slotted in somewhere along the way.

A touching story

The New York Times just ran this story about the fate of Treece, Kansas, which I found poignant in light of the night I spent two years ago in Jeffrey City, Wyoming.