August 27th, 2011

The Bob's Red Mill retail store

The actual factory, where I took the pictures which follow this one, is in a separate 325,000 square foot building. Bob's Red Mill is one of the two Milwaukie OR business which have national name recognition (the other being Dark Horse Comics), and differs from most other grain mills through its emphasis on whole grains, its use of millstones rather than more modern milling methods, and its complete separation of gluten-free production.

My favorite house from this Street of Dreams

There's an unfortunate tendency for most homes in events like this to have a maze-like character. This home, by contrast, had a large central living space into which most of the other rooms opened.

The Maximus / Minimus pork sandwich truck in downtown Seattle

This day's walk was loosely based on pinball, of all things: roughly, it started at Shorty's (where most of Seattle's pinball tournaments are held) and ended at the new Seattle Pinball Museum in the International District. However, it meandered pretty widely along the way.

The Seattle Pinball Museum

For a $7 admission fee you can play any or all of them, as much as you like.

The museum has a second row of modern pinball machines not pictured here.

And now, apostrophe MADNESS!

Taken literally, an entity named "free local call" possesses an entity named "four hbo" which possesses an entity named "full kitchen," the last of which apparently has claim to the given rate, which confusingly is given as the product of one nightly fee and one weekly fee, and even then is merely a minimum.