March 27th, 2011

Why Stites is special

During my last cross-country bicycle ride (specifically on June 25, 2010) I hung out here while waiting for a thunderstorm to pass. During that time I started the conversation which led to Rachael and I getting back together, after a hiatus of about seven years.

First, and last

Over the course of this final quarter of law school, which begins tomorrow, I'm going to make a few posts to this journal which pair my first experience doing a particular thing with my last.

Between the original double major in math and physics, the master's degree in industrial engineering, the Ph.D. in industrial engineering (during which I simultaneously spent a year in a completely different school getting a massage therapy diploma), and ten weeks from now the law degree, I've spent the lion's share of my adult life in higher education.

But, this is the end: there are no more degrees it would even remotely make sense to get, and hence each experience of the various rituals related to higher education will be my last.

First, of life...

I took this picture last year in a permanent art installation at the University of Washington's main art museum (the Henry Art Gallery).

To me, the oval shape of the window echoed the origin of our species (including by looking like earth's orbit), and the fact that it opened skyward reminded me of what I hope is the destiny of our species.

Last, of death...

The professor who taught the first class of my first day of law school passed away while I was still a student.