August 4th, 2010

Take-away from Jackson County Court...

Not much to report in terms of proceedings (all just everyday stuff), but it WAS impressive how strict this court system is about cell phones: apparently even members of the general public can get 30 days for using a cell phone anywhere in the building.

"He built boat"

I'm at the Bardstown KY cemetery where Robert Fulton was originally buried.

Apparently he didn't like where he was originally buried, and asked to be moved.


I'm now enjoying a shot of Maker's Mark bourbon at the Talbott Tavern while reading today's issue of The Kentucky Standard, which I pause to note has a front-page story about ABBA, my favorite pop group.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this experience is much more enjoyable, and arguably a better way to appreciate the best of what Kentucky has to offer, than roasting in a heat index of 110 under direct sunlight and heavy physical exertion while being regularly attacked by dogs (and furthermore two hours ago caught in a lightning storm and downpour) would have afforded.

All joking aside, I didn't plan this trip in the hope of experiencing the WORST each state has to offer, but rather to gain an appreciation for what is BEST about each state: up to around the point I switched from a Novara Randonee bicycle to a Hyundai Sonata automobile a bicycle was the best way to achieve that goal, but now I'm confident a car is a better way.

But please rest assured that before this cross-country trip ends with my airplane flight back to Seattle, my bicycle WILL make a return as my means of transport, and furthermore will do so in a particularly spectacular way.

I'm planning that return to the saddle now, and indeed have been since first having the idea yesterday.

Just you wait :)

The Daniel Boone room

Obviously Mr. Boone didn't stay in this exact room, but historians have confirmed he did visit this tavern in 1792.

A puzzle for you...

In 1998 the Talbott Tavern suffered a severe fire, which indirectly resulted in the discovery of some very old artifacts on its property.

What you see here is a very old tool which historians so far have apparently been unable to identify the purpose of.

The core is made of wood, while the surrounding rotating teeth are made of metal.

Can you identify this device?

I freely admit I'm stumped :(

Another Talbott Tavern challenge...

Not all are steeped in history, so here is an easier challenge for my readers.

What you see here is the painting which identifies the men's restroom in the Old Talbott Tavern.

Can you brainstorm an amusing, albeit crude, title for this painting?