June 22nd, 2010

Oregon? Down...

If nothing else, at least now I can say I've ridden a bicycle all the way across the state in which I grew up.

Richland, Idaho

What you see here is a baseball field in Richland, Idaho on a beautiful summer's afternoon.

Is it even POSSIBLE for something to be more wholesome, and quintessentially American, than this?


Maybe if on the pitcher's mound were a dog named "Plymouth Rock," if ready to receive that dog's pitch were a classic Chevrolet automobile, and if in place of the white bags on each base were an apple pie still steaming from the oven, and even THEN only if everyone watching the game had previously taken several tabs of high-quality LSD and was tripping on images of American flags with the tracers of every single pitch.


What do all these cows have in common?

Well, I'll tell you: not ONE of them graduated from high school.

And, now, look at their lives: trapped in a field, eating grass, destined for the slaughterhouse.

So, if you're a high school student considering dropping out of school, consider the example of these cows, take a deep breath, and get the tutoring you need to graduate.

No American should be slaughtered for lack of a high school diploma.

Harley riders in Council ID

In old age, if I can't do this route by bicycle any more, I'll probably want to do it one last time by motorcycle.

It's so, so beautiful.

Farmville vs "An Actual Farm"

When I opened the refrigerator pictured above I found nothing but a link to its owner's Facebook, who apparently had fresh eggs to share.

About a month ago I watched the Farmville folks present their new iPhone app as part of the introduction of the new iPhone hardware, and learned that one new "feature" of this new app is that it will (thoughtfully) wake you up in the middle of the night if that's the optimal time to deal with your completely imaginary "crop."

I'm not sure if that's the worst idea since the invention of crack cocaine, or rather the worst idea since the founding of the Third Reich.

I'm now in New Meadows ID

Just when I think Idaho can't get any more wholesome, I ride into a town with a heart where literally the entire COUNTY should be.

FWIW, my intent this morning was to ride all the way to Riggins, but I failed to take into account the degree to which the lack of shoulders on US 95 from Richland to just before New Meadows would slow me down: ultimately I was more comfortable walking my bike on most of the uphills than I was trusting the logging trucks to see me.