August 17th, 2009

Olive 8

I'm realizing one thing I've never done is tour a luxury high-rise downtown condo, for example the new Olive 8 building you see here. Let's see if I can fool a sales associate into thinking I'm a potential buyer, and get a tour :)

View from a 27th floor condo in Olive 8

Well, that was easy.

Interestingly enough the architectural firm which designed this building also designed the O'Keefe Museum in Santa Fe, i.e. where I was just last month.

Flight deck

The flight plan you see in the middle of the controller is untouched since this aircraft arrived here in 1996.

Russell's Third Law

Whenever someone starts a sentence with "In this day and age," whatever they say next is something they would have to do in basically any day and age.

In this day and age, for example, it seems that it's wise to be cautious, one must pay taxes, and to get ahead it's helpful to work hard.