August 1st, 2008

King County Superior Court

I think it's sentencing next. After that I'll try to find a King County District Court trial, then I'll switch from the state courts to the federal courts.

Basically my goal is to see one of everything, just like those folks who run around the planet looking for rare birds.

King County District Court

Seems to be mostly DUI and drug cases, but it's pretty lively. For example, someone actually pled not guilty to something.

U.S. District Court

So, we're now out of the state judicial system and in the lowest level of the federal judicial system. Presiding is a magistrate judge rather than a regular Article III judge, and this is apparently the last hearing of the day.

So far this is the most interesting of the non-appellate hearings I've heard (the appellate stuff just being inherently faster-paced and more engaging), and certainly the building is the most impressive.