February 12th, 2008


So, there's a Mexican dish called "menudo." I have no earthly idea what it is, and don't want to spoil the ultimate surprise by actually looking it up.

But what I do know about it is that it causes surprise when a white person tries to order it. Furthermore, at the first two restaurants I tried to order it at, I was told that it was no longer available (in one case purportedly due to being withdrawn recently from the menu, and in the second case due to the time of day).

But tonight, at a different restaurant, a different tack was taken: after first expressing the traditional surprise at my request, they actually did take the order along with a burrito order, but then brought the burrito but not the "menudo." Now it looks like the kitchen staff is packing it in, and the place is closing.

But now what I'm thinking is that "menudo" isn't a dish at all, but rather a code word that expresses your desire to join some kind of secret society. Maybe something like Skull and Bones at Yale: "Are you a Bonesman, sir? Do you partake of the menudo?"

I realize that sounds farfetched, but it doesn't conflict with any of the facts, so it must be true.

Doing laundry...

I figured that after riding 411.5 miles through hot conditions, my jersey might need it.

Really, what this reminds me of is Paris. There you pretty much HAVE to wash your t-shirts every few weeks, or good luck getting into the best restaurants.
Doing laundry...