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Russell Brunelle [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Russell Brunelle

"September is weather radio awareness month" [Jun. 15th, 2013|05:52 pm]
Russell Brunelle

If you're like most people, your celebrations of Weather Radio Awareness Month tend to be pretty relaxed, maybe just involving taking a day off work to spend listening to the radio with family and friends.

There's nothing wrong with that, but I think we can all do better.

One way would be to make this September a much more intense and personal celebration of weather radio, by getting a waterproof case for your mobile device and spending the coldest day of the month outside in the rain, wearing nothing but jeans and a cotton t-shirt, repeatedly watching the movie "A Perfect Storm."

Another way would be for our region to host a much more public and vibrant celebration, involving Seattle's mayor proclaiming a year of jubilee, towing a radio antenna crowned with laurels along a ticker tape parade route, and finally ending the evening with music, bonfires, and dancing until sunrise.