Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

"Serendipity Chaining"

This is my second attempt to create a worthwhile internet meme. The best name I could come up with for it is "Serendipity Chaining," which currently yields zero matches on either Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

The idea is to explicitly track what experience directly stems from a preceding one, creating a "chain" of personal enrichment that you try to keep going as long as possible. The experiences could be just about anything, including (but not limited to) entertainment, education, or volunteerism.

For example:

  1. Picked up the novel The Prefect at the airport after hearing my flight was delayed.
  2. Based on how much I enjoyed The Prefect, picked up Blue Remembered Earth, by the same author, at my local library.
  3. In the acknowledgments section of Blue Remembered Earth, its author mentioned being inspired by the Ugandan musician Geoffrey Oryema. Requested this artist's CD Night to Night through my local library.
  4. Based on how much I enjoyed Night to Night, read a book about living conditions in contemporary in Uganda.
  5. Disturbed by what I read about Uganda's living conditions, volunteered for Human Rights Watch.
  6. Fell in love with another Human Rights Watch volunteer and got married.
  7. etc.

The ultimate goal would be to keep the chain going for the rest of your life. To stay in the spirit of this exercise, ideally you'd keep an open mind as to what each experience might lead to, rather than picking something in advance that you want it to lead to and jerry-rigging a connection.
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