Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

My car by the second day

I found that by reclining the passenger seat all the way back, and putting a pillow on the dashboard for my feet, sleeping in this car was perfectly comfortable. So I didn't bother bringing a tent, and I also didn't bother bringing a bicycle.

For someone attending Burning Man on his or her own (which I freely admit isn't ideal), I actually think there's a lot to be said for this approach: the heat during the day makes your car too uncomfortable to stay in, so you're forced to wander around and visit other camps, and your lack of a bicycle means you end up riding on more art cars, which means you meet more people. Plus, the lack of clutter in your car means you can perform one last act of kindness at the end of the event and give a few people a ride to either Reno or San Francisco.

This year everything I brought with me fit easily into this vehicle's trunk, so its entire interior (aside from the driver's seat obviously) was available at the end of the event to carry out other people and their gear.

I should add that although I don't normally alter my photographs in any way before posting them to this journal, in this case I did use a paint program to blot out any legible license plate numbers.

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