Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

Part of the odor control infrastructure

The expense involved in making the Brightwater treatment plant odor-free was stunning, but apparently nothing less was required in order to secure voter approval for the project as a whole.

Still, I found myself wondering if there could have been a much cheaper solution to this problem: don't remove the odor, instead convince the public if they were sophisticated they'd like the odor.

This isn't so far-fetched if you consider all the people who claim to like Shakespeare's comedies even though they don't get the jokes.

I'm imagining a set of posters featuring a man in his mid-30's with expensive wire-frame glasses and a black turtleneck reading a dog-eared collection of e. e. cummings poetry while sitting on a bench near the Brooklyn Bridge, with the caption "Brightwater: It's the smell of Manhattan nights."

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