Russell Brunelle (russellb) wrote,
Russell Brunelle

My idea for a new party game called "Here's what I would have said..."

Each player draws a card which briefly describes a situation from real life in which someone ended up giving a speech. It might be something historic, such as King Edward VIII telling his nation he will abdicate the throne, or it might be something comparatively trivial, such as Tiger Woods announcing he had an affair. Each player, in random order, summarizes his or her assigned scenario and then gives a time-limited improvised speech consisting of what he or she would have said (the only restriction being that it can't be what was actually said and ideally isn't even a paraphrase of what was actually said). The other players vote on the winner by secret ballot.

The game could be regularly expanded through the publication of additional scenario cards, and for the curious the game's web site could offer either transcripts or audio files of what was actually said at that moment in history.

This might be a fun way to learn more about history while simultaneously learning more about your friends.

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